Hi, I'm Ali

More about me

Choosing maths had not been the dream I have actually constantly from my childhood, it was at some moment recommended to me when I was at Sixth form and after some research I knew I was ready. Although I have done well in maths I've had to try very hard and be extremely established. My motivation originates from the love and also passion I have for the subject. This is something I wish to convey through my teaching and convince children that they do not have to be naturally creative to do the best in tests and also A degrees. You just have to be passionate about the topic which influences you, to get your head down and also work hard. Having this positive perspective, renovations could be made fast which is how I wish to improve my student's work with support and the belief that they can succeed with concentration and research.

What fosters me to work hard is the complete satisfaction of finishing a concern that you've dealt with or have actually had to go with a long procedure to obtain the answer. To summarize, I like problem addressing and getting a further understanding for things that I have an interest in. To me there is an elegance in maths that originates from the fact that every little thing fits together so perfectly and that challenging things could be streamlined with general solutions that make complex theories or concepts clear or at least easier to recognise.